Ball Jars: A Southern Classic

Hey y’all,

So I love beautiful things from the past, and in the south Ball jars are a popular item! I am partial to the blue ones myself, but they are all so sweet and really make a home have character, or in this case, an apartment :) I’ve been keeping my eyes open for them at local antique shops and I’ve found some great ones. I am not into them for their worth as much as I am for their style. If they’re pretty, I love them, and if they’re really old and worth something that’s just a bonus. Here are some images of my collection so far!

There is a lot of historical info on these that I’ve found online, and trying to find what year they’re from is pretty fun! I have a few from the 1915-1925 timeframe and then the bicentennial one. I just thought that one was special because it was a commemorative one.

“The Ball Bicentennial jars were made from about 1975-1980 by Ball and another manufacturer. Value depends upon capacity. The half-pint and half-gallons are worth about $20 each. The quarts, which were the most common and sold in grocery stores all across the country in 1976, are worth about $6 each.” -

For general info on Ball jars I like this site:

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and thanks for checking out the SSL blog!


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